littlebitocd (littlebitocd) wrote,

Culinalogical Weapons

Did you know that you can weaponize ginger? Well, maybe not everybody can, but apparently I can.

At our weekly supper club, I found a yummy recipe for Wasabi and Panko (PANKO!) Crusted Pork Chops with Gingered Soy Sauce. Now of all the ingredients in that title, I'd have assumed the WASABI to be the dangerous ingredient. But I was wrong.

I was following the recipe and got to the first step of the sauce--add ginger to pan for 30 seconds, stirring constantly. I didn't realize I was using The Anarchist's Guide to Cooking Light. The instant I started moving the ginger around the pan, it started vaporizing into the steam, causing everybody in an 8-foot radius to start coughing uncontrollably.

Jen (in the other room) thought we were wusses. :)

Poor Bob & Katie. Innocent victims.

Speaking of victims, it's been a rough couple of weeks of Project Runway for our group. After Katie, Monika & I lost Kelli last week, we ended up with multi-favorite Daniel & my dark horse, Keith, as the bottom two. I was extremely worried. Keith's outfit was ass-ugly and used the same techniques he's been using over and over. Daniel had missed the point of the last two challenges and just made another (admittedly pretty) cocktail dress. And, following the Top Chef rule, the letter of the challenge seems to be more important than the quality of the result. So Keith is safe for one more week. LEARN FROM THIS KEITH!

Our initial picks are pretty demolished at this point. Bob's got all his eggs in one basket-licious, and Katie and Monika are full supporters of Team Kenley.

Still standing:

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